Thursday, January 15, 2015

Balloon Debris Isn't Litter? Wildlife Disagrees, and so Do We!

In Virginia, though a balloon would be considered litter if it were thrown from a car window, if up to 50 of them are purposely released, they are not considered litter. We began the discussion about balloons and the dangers they pose to the environment and wildlife last year when the issue of balloons as litter went before our local city legislature. Though this bill was passed at a local level, due to the Dillon Rule, it must now go to the state level for approval, and it needs continued support. Bill SB1107 has being introduced by Sen. Jeff McWaters and is currently awaiting a vote in the Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources Committee. Considering the danger that these balloons, their strings, and other accessories can pose to wildlife, Lynnhaven River NOW strongly supports the ban on balloon releases. Find out who your legislator is here, and let them know that you support banning intentional balloon releases.

You can find more information about the bill here.

There is more information regarding each side of the issue available at these sites:
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