Monday, December 29, 2014

Resolve to be Pearly in 2015!

So much of the progress we have made in restoring our waterways is a result of the great work our residents are doing to change their practices and adopt more sustainable behaviors. These PEARL HOMES are all over Virginia Beach. PEARL HOMES are places where people care about our community and our environment and want to do what they can to live responsibly and help protect our resources

Since 2012, we have been working with homeowners to change their practices and adopt more sustainable behaviors. We have already reached just over 2,000 pearl homes in Virginia Beach, and are adding new folks all the time.

If you are already doing 15 of these practices, you qualify to become a Pearl Home!
  • Pledge to "Scoop the Poop" if you are a pet owner
  • Installed a "Scoop the Poop" sticker on my black trash can 
  • Reduced my lawn area and converted it to a planted bed 
  • Chose native plants for my landscape and avoided invasive species 
  • Did not feed ducks and geese 
  • Planted a tree 
  • Switched from bottled water to a reusable water bottle that I refill 
  • Buy locally made products whenever possible 
  • Consistently use reusable grocery bags 
  • Helped with one of LRNow's River Cleanups during the past year 
  • Installed Lynnhaven River storm drain markers in my neighborhood 
  • Installed a rain barrel or cistern to reduce the runoff from my property 
  • Installed a rain garden to reduce runoff, hold storm water and give it a chance to infiltrate 
  • Grew oysters for our conservation reefs 
  • Drove fewer miles, consciously eliminating unnecessary trips, used public transportation or a bicycle 
  • Chose a more fuel efficient vehicle
  • Consistently recycle or reuse 
  • Reduced my fertilizer use to be more water friendly
  • Pumped out the holding tank on my boat 
  • Display a River Keeper sticker on my boat 
  • Switched to marine approved cleaning products for my boat 
  • Became a member of Lynnhaven River NOW and helped support our work 
  • Serve on one of LRNow's Committees 
  • Installed a Buffer Garden between my lawn and the waterway or between my lawn and the street 
  • Installed a programmable thermostat or purchased energy efficient appliances 
  • Installed low-flow faucets and/or toilets 
  • Did an energy efficiency renovation on my home (new windows, increased insulation, new heating and air conditioning system, etc) 
  • Dispose of hazardous waste properly (batteries, paint, etc) 
  • Heard an LRNow presentation at my Civic League, Garden Club, Rotary or other civic organization (email to set this up!) 
  • Participated in a LRNow workshop or program 
  • Communicated with one of my elected officials about an environmental issue 
  • Composted leaves, grass clippings and kitchen waste 
  • Raised the mower blades to 3 inches or higher to keep the lawn a little longer and healthier 
  • Turned off the sprinklers and irrigated less frequently, only when really needed 
  • Got a soil test before applying any fertilizer 
  • Kept the gutter area in front of my home clear of dirt, leaves and debris to prevent these from going into the storm water drain 
  • Redirected my downspout into a planted bed away from paved surfaces 
  • Installed pervious pavers in place of concrete or blacktop 
  • Created a backyard habitat for wildlife 
  • Switched to an electric mower or a push mower 
  • Keep a grease can in my kitchen and reduced or eliminated my use of the garbage disposal 
  • Line dry my laundry whenever possible 
  • Recruited a new Pearl Home 
  • Installed a living shoreline 
  • Grow some of my own fruits and vegetables 
  • Turn off lights and appliances when not in use

You can apply here online, or fill out an application at our office (3663 Marlin Bay Dr, Brock Environmental Center) or at one of our events.

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