Monday, November 3, 2014


We absolutely love plants at LRNow, but... not ALL plants!

Bamboo is one especially invasive plant that can quickly go from a seemingly tranquil garden border to an invasive nightmare very quickly. There are 2 basic types of bamboo: clumping and runners. While we aren't particularly fond of either (mostly because, like most other invasive species, they are providing ZERO habitat value to our native insects and critters (with the exception of Arundinaria gigantea, a native bamboo)), the bamboo that spreads through runners is the worse of the two. This type of bamboo can grow roots at least 2-3' into the ground, and then begin (very rapidly) spreading laterally (bamboo is known as the fastest growing plant on earth, sometimes growing as quickly as 3'/day!). Some folks have even taken neighbors to court over bamboo encroachment onto their property, which could really make this a costly invasive!

If you absolutely must plant any type of bamboo, be sure that you are taking appropriate precautions, and using strong containers, or retaining wall systems with rhizome barriers. Bamboo can make it's way through stone retaining walls and concrete.

Whenever possible, please use a native (or at least non-invasive!) alternative plant in your yard and landscape. Even if you don't believe it is spreading, you can't always know what is going on underground, or what critters may be inadvertently spreading the seeds.

Written by Trista Imrich. LRNow Pearl Homes Coordinator

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